Los Arcos Halliwell: She squeezed her cunt tight, clamping around the rocketing shaft.

Funny somebody else just wrote about fat women, because just yesterday, getting tired of seeing ads from fat woman after fat woman, I decided to compile stats from CL ads from womenyes, I have nothing better to do with my time. I will say up front that I suspect that the men are in no better shape, but I don't look at the mens' ads. Yes, obesity is an epidemic that is out of control. For this survey, a fat/obese woman is anyone with an ad that states BBW, Thick, Full Figured, states an actaul weight disproportionate to height, or gives a photo that shows the obvious. Here's the stats 1 I looked at ads from 91 women. 56 of the ads did not state anything about body size, so for the majority of ads guys are answering, they are taking a shot in the dark based on the stats below you have a 63 chance of contacting a fat to obese woman when the ad states nothing about body size. 2 Of the 40 ads that stated body size or showed a photo All Women 63 fat to obese, 37 in shape. Black women 69 fat to obese, 31 in shape White women 45 fat to obese, 55 in shape 3 Of the 25 ads from fat to obese women 80 were Black, 20 white 4 Of the 15 ads from in shape women 60 were Black, 40 white Note that 3 and 4 have to real statistical significance since the majority of Atlanta ads on CL are from Black women, and thus they should make up a higher percentage of the group. Again, before getting bombarded with hate mail from fat women, I am sure that the MEN are just as bad. I'd put myself in the Fat category and I'm about 20 pounds over weight. My personal definition of not in great shape is that if you put your hand flat against the lower rib cage and run it down towards your waist, if you hand goes UP instead of down or remaining flat, you need to lose some weight.

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