SaintTriviersurMoignans Yurko: The scent of soap filled the room reminding the siblings that it was just them, alone in the shower.

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I don't know if most of the women on know or realize it but blk men like myself don't get any love from women and I think a lot of women nowadays are starting to show some of their racism and I am sorry to be straight forward but its like if somebody doesn't like to go out with somebody because they are a certain race what would you call it and don't say preference because height and weight are more of a preference and race is saying no matter what they look like i they got this color skin you won't give them a time of day ya know. This is how I feel that if you women don't like blk men then why don't you stop listenting to music from black men but now its like you will listen to our music and everything but won't give us a chance or talk to us and that aint coo. I was raised to not care about race but I guess a lot of women nowadays don't care about that or haven't been raised the same way not all blk men are dogs and cheaters and beaters and drug dealers ok because me I have never cheated never hit a woman neva sold drugs I have neva been to jail and I always use my brain and just because I come from a bad area doesn't mean I have to act wrong ya know. I don't care about age either but a lot of women care about that but why should age be a problem when somebody is just trying to be friends I mean I understand when it comes to being more than friends but that is not what I am looking for I am a type of person where I can relate to almost anybody who is of any age because I observe everything in this world. Now about what I am looking for I am looking for a woman who can be my best friend my parter in crime ya know I am looking for somebody who I can play wrestle with or play fight with somebody who I can go bowling with or go shoot pool with or go to a movie with or play dominoes or cards or chess or checkers I am looking for a woman who doesn' t mind talking or texting on the phone all night long until the sun comes up ya know or I want somebody who I can ju

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