Khislavichi Stires: Your body settles and your breathing slows as I gently blow on your sweat covered body.

Do you know that girl? You know, the one who you were with who fucking adored you , and you took her for granted. made her feel used, unloved, unworthy, unable to completely open up to people again..... Remember how you left her thinking I will find someone better and hotter. Remember after you had your little fling with that slut, getting drunk one night and wishing to be back in the arms of the girl who you left broken. Remember calling her and telling her We should hang out! or I miss you! I am really sick of being that girl. It is an endless cycle. The only thing is that I never hang out or give anyone another chance. I am way too good for a majority of you, because I have something going for me. I have a good heart. I have morals. I actually care how others feel and how I make them feel..... I have done the Chirrup thing an couple times, only to get hurt, twice. This is my last attempt to find a decent guy who doesn't get off by putting me down or further bashing my self confidence. BOYS like that SHIT! So anyways. The Emoness has seethered out..... YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 2 PHOTOS OF YOURSELF NO DOUCHEBAGGERY! I have a Fulltime job. I was in a horrible car accident in which I almost died. I do not drive. I am extremely independent and don't need your car or your money, bitch please! Come down off your high horse. I made it through nearly 25 years on my own..... I don't need you to baby me now I have my own apartment with a really awesome roommate. Don't be a loser with no job or way to get around..... AKA I'd love to chill but I have no money and don't know how to take the bus 'cause mommy will let me rock the basement room until I am 50. I am 24 Blonde hair color changes often Green eyed my eyes change colors Really short 5'2 Tattooed and pierced Flipping AWESOME P German/Irish I have A disgusting extremely sarcastic sense of humor Really good hygiene and expect it from you too! A good head on my shoulders when I don't h

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